Monday, 6 October 2014


Momma is a well known American funny cartoon by Mell Lazarus with a long run in excess of four decades since its October 26, 1970 presentation. At first conveyed by the Publishers-Hall Syndicate, it is at present took care of by Creators Syndicate and distributed in more than 400 daily papers around the world.

In spite of the fact that Lazarus built the character with respect to his mother, when he demonstrated to it to her, she thought the character was focused around his auntie, shouting.


The focal character is Sonya Hobbs, a short, widowed, stubborn senior native with a controlling, annoying identity. She has three developed youngsters:
  • Thomas, her most established, is utilized and joyfully hitched. The extent that Momma is concerned, her child's wife Tina will never do anything for Thomas as legitimately as Momma can. Tina doesn't think excessively exceedingly of Momma either.
  • Francis, her center kid, a constant and improper good-for-nothing, is the single biggest wellspring of her irritation. He has minimal enthusiasm toward working and dependably searches for provisos in work contracts. It suits him splendidly to soak up her and in some cases other individuals, yet he can't be tried to lift a finger to help or to clean his flat. He has a solitary taste in ladies: numbskulls constructed and dressed rather provocatively. His companions with comparable hard working attitudes here and there appear.
  • Marylou, her most youthful, has incessant relationship issues, especially with her mother. She feels weak at the knees over washouts and outsiders the very sorts of men Momma hates. She doesn't, nonetheless, support the sorts of men Momma is resolved she wed: generally taught and/or overall heeled.

While Momma always tries to make them feel immaterial without her, they consider her to be a passionate trouble. Still, they adore her in their own specific path as she cherishes them thus. Momma has a mixed bag of dream successions, which incorporate a homeless Francis holding a glass for gifts. Other dream groupings incorporate her late spouse Jerome and herself at Heaven, anticipating door.